creative act

At RELIGARE we are inspired by the deep roots, the foundations of our existence, to weave new silhouettes that connect us with the primordial essence. Our purpose is clear: to re-connect, re-remember and re-understand our world on a deeper level as self-recognition. Each creative act is a tribute to the connections and infinite capacity for transformation that resides in each of us. COLOMBIAN ETHICAL FASHION.

Our focus

We work for a regenerative existence: this is our dream. We aim to leave our world in a healthier state than when we arrived, so that our creations energize and enrich everything around us, people, the soil, and the air we breathe. Instead of taking, taking, taking, giving, giving, giving.

MOTHER EARTH In RELIGARE, fashion is more than an aesthetic expression; it is a ceremony of gratitude, where beauty becomes a luxury. We immerse ourselves in the universe of natural cycles, honoring the fibers of the earth. In every stitch, in every fiber, we reconnect with essence, remembering that true elegance resides in simplicity and connection. Thus, at the heart of each creation, life itself beats.




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